Sunday, October 23, 2011

We all realize how much work we have to do……..that we need to figure out what makes a classroom exceptional. Certainly if we could determine what it is that makes a classroom exceptional, we could train our teachers and move forward. As we fall farther and farther behind our global neighbors, we need to use this information to solve the problems that plague our schools. Why are there so many students that are disengaged with school? Unconnected kids…dysfunctional families…..the list is long. Yet some states, some countries, are doing a better job than others. Let me first say that our teachers’ unions are not helping us or our students. In some parts of the country, actual crimes are committed when a teacher does not follow “the party line.” If the USA wants to become competitive with its overseas neighbors, we must have change and the unions favor the status-quo.

Everywhere we look, parents, teachers and administrators are feeling the stress of NCLB. Students of all ages, even our youngest, who may not be able to name the feeling, are acting stressed. We need to sit back and ask ourselves if this is conducive to a positive learning climate.

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